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JoyRun is joining Walmart!
The Joyrun team is excited to announce that we are joining Walmart!

The partner signup portal is temporarily unavailable while we transition.

Please reach us at support@joyrun.com with any questions.
Get the Reach of Delivery without the Headache of Drivers

JoyRun’s community-powered network gives control of the customer experience back to the stores.

1 Turn 1 order into 5 orders.

Mutliply your Order Volume. Every Time. Whether it’s the Monday morning Grab-n-Go or the Friday Lunch Rush, JoyRun ‘wakes up’ your customer’s peer network by notifying them when someone is going to your store.

This network effect gives you access to customers who weren’t even thinking about ordering with you, delivering true incremental business.

2 Get access to communities delivery can’t.

JoyRun allows stores to enter closed communities like hospital staff, high security offices, and high rise apartment buildings that delivery companies simply can’t.

By utilizing customers already on the way, JoyRun drives down the cost of delivery and gives stores access to the $420 billion dollar global pool of cost-conscious individuals.

3 Protect your Margins. Stay in Control.

Traditional Delivery services crush merchant margins — charging 25-35%!

JoyRun’s community-powered platform offers the reach of delivery at a fraction of the cost. AND since deliveries are done by neighbors (not strangers), stores receive 70% less customer issues.

Want to do your own deliveries? JoyRun’s Merchant-Powered Delivery platform gives merchant partners complete control over the delivery experience.

What your peers are saying “We were extremely skeptical to turn our employees into delivery drivers, but doing so has literally saved our business during the coronavirus crisis. We were able to retain staff, and we are on pace to do an extra $2000/week in sales.” — Stephanie, Red Bento, Pullman, WA “JoyRun gives our store the ability to drive demand during our slow times, when staff are not as busy.” — Kyle Kwong, Teaspoon, Redwood City “Every time someone starts a Run to my store... an alert goes out to their entire office recruiting their co-workers to order too. JoyRun enables us to be constantly top-of-mind.” — Oussama, Soma Eats, San Francisco “In 1 year with JoyRun, I have never had a SINGLE phone call from an angry customer. That is unheard of in the delivery world today.” — Ali, Rock N Wraps, Redwood City
Some of our valued partners